I am one of those who really believes you can have it all.  That, despite the fact I can relate to this guy way too well.  He just wants to get something done that - I don't know - you hear about all the time, and it seems like you could just handle by picking up the Yellow Pages!  OH - ahem, I mean going onto Google.

Empty nester Ralph Corigliano just wants someone to finish the basement in Aurora, but it's just not happening.  He's just tryin' to be wise.  He sent his kid to college, and now he wants max resale value for his house (even though minimum resale is like winning a jackpot if you've owned a home for more than three years in Colorado!)

He has been turned down by three contractors in less than a week!  They all say the project is too small to be worth their while.  Ummm... Have you ever priced even a modest basement finish?  It's easily in the 10's of thousands.  But, okay...

I like this:  Corigliano says "Am I the only one??  Is it just me???"  I have asked myself this in more dissatisfying business attempts than I care to recount.

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors hints that new and commercial construction demand in our state pulls virtually every builder and remodeler away from jobs like refinishing a basement.

So - If you know anyone who does this type of work and needs a job, please have them look this gentleman up, so he can enjoy his improved home for the rest of his time there, which was one of his goals as well.

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