If the offer of free burritos didn't get you maybe, two-for-one happy hours would get you to visit Chipotle.

Matt Sparx/TSM

Having outbreaks in viruses and foodborne illnesses that have been attributed to Chipotle has not done much for the company's bottom line. They have tried many things to get customers back even creating a loyalty program. With sales dropping by millions, Chipotle, is trying a different approach. Happy Hour.

After all, Happy Hour is the happiest hour of the day. Someone should print that on a Snapple lid.

Now through September, at Chipotle locations in select markets, they will be offering two-for-one or half-off deals on beer and margaritas from 4 pm to 8 pm daily. The deal applies to all Chipotle's with a liquor license. In Colorado, the deal, according to the Denver Post is buy one, get one free.

Here are the Northern Colorado locations:

Fort Collins
649 S College Ave
2120 E Harmony Rd

1421 W Eisenhower Blvd
1569 Fall River Dr

807 17th St

1708 Main St
1100 Ken Pratt Blvd