In an effort to curb speed-related crashes, Cheyenne police are stepping up their efforts to get drivers to slow down.

Officer Kevin Malatesta says the department will be conducting high visibility speed enforcement throughout the year.

"There's a lot of flexibility in how we're going to be doing this," said Malatesta. "It could be an officer from that squad dedicated to traffic for the day (or) the whole squad going out together and doing a speed detail where they're targeting a specific high-speed intersection."

"(And) we're not just looking at one particular roadway or area," Malatesta added. "We want to reduce (speeding) city-wide, so we're going at it with officers all over town."

Malatesta says preliminary numbers show officers wrote 1,327 speeding tickets in 2017, compared with 1,675 the year before.

"We don't want to be giving tickets," said Malatesta. "We'd rather discourage people from that behavior to begin with."

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