The Cheyenne City Council continues to kick the tires on an ordinance intended to get junk vehicles off the streets.

"I think that the definition of junk vehicle needs to be very, very specific and accomplish the goal of what we're trying to do, which is remove true blight," said Councilman Rocky Case, whose motion to postpone Monday night's vote was unanimously approved.

Case says while he supports the intent of the ordinance, everybody's got their own definition of what junk is.

"We're going to put a mandate on people to say move your stuff and there's too much discretion that the officer might use to say, 'Well, I think that's junk' and make that argument," said Case.

"I want to remove any ability from anybody's judgement to say, 'I think that's junk' and 'I think that's not junk' so that there's a clear definition," he added.

The council will take up the ordinance when it meets on June 12.

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