An isolated vocals version of Linkin Park's "One More Light" has surfaced and late Chester Bennington's vocals sound absolutely chilling. The song was one of the band's final singles before Bennington's death in July of 2017. Listen below.

The track was certified gold by the RIAA at the end of February.

Linkin Park hasn't released any new music since Bennington's death, however he was featured as a guest on a song with Lamb of God's Mark Morton, "Cross Off." The song is featured on Morton's debut solo album Anesthetic and has been received positively by many people. "I really didn’t know Chester before we started doing this song. We had a real creative rhythm right away. You can’t really plan on that, you can’t bet on it, you can’t buy it, you can’t fake it. You either vibe with someone or you don’t," Morton told Loudwire in a recent interview.

“He didn’t have to be there, he didn’t have to come record a song with the guitar player from Lamb of God. He did it because he loved the tune and because he was excited about screaming again and being on something more metal, a little heavier," he added.

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