A sizeable hospital and power plant combination in a prominent part of Colorado Springs is now abandoned.

St. Francis

The hospital was once known as St. Francis and was located at 6001 E Woodmen Rd. in Colorado Springs. The plot that the hospital was located on was accompanied by a power plant but has since been completely abandoned as of 2010.

Centrally Located

Typically, abandoned buildings of this magnitude tend to be in old parts of town or parts of town with other abandoned or dilapidated buildings, but if you're familiar with the area of E. Woodmen Road in the city, you know that the buildings are in a pretty prominent part of town.


St. Francis, although abandoned, didn't necessarily completely go away. In fact, the abandonment in 2010 came two years after the hospital relocated and changed its name to St. Francis medical center in 2008.

Check out what remains of the old St. Francis hospital and power plant in Colorado Springs:

Check Out an Abandoned Hospital + Power Plant in Colorado

These buildings that once served as both a hospital and power plant have all been totally abandoned.

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