I have never been able to imagine how you folks do it:  Commuting between Denver & Fort Collins every day!  Or, worse yet, Denver & Wellington, as I had neighbors who did that.  I have even known a few to do Denver to Cheyenne.  I did Wellington to Cheyenne for five years, but dude - get out, set your cruise, and you're there in 30 minutes.

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Most of us would undoubtedly agree that almost anything is worth a try when it comes to easing traffic, and I-25 would be a great place to start!  But hey, at least there is this:  That mess around the Crossroads exit seriously appears to be the beginning of a third lane!

By the way, who doesn't love Amazon?  (Maybe the workers there?  Don't know / haven't asked.)  I looked at freaking sunglasses at probably 20 different stores in this area, and guess what?  They were all dirt ugly, man!  Amazon be like:  "You want round, mirrored lenses like John Lennon?  Gimme seven bucks."  CDs?  Yep, I still listen to 'em.  They play in my laptop, my garage, my house stereo, and my car still has a CD player, too.  Where can you go to physically buy CDs nowadays?  Almost anywhere if you like "Now That's What I Call Crap Volume XIVIII."

Now, you can get a free Amazon gift card if you carpool, van pool, or ride a bus. Think about it - save gas, wear & tear, and money, and maybe make a new friend or two!  And if you care about the environment, that's a perk as well.

Click on the image above and find out how to get your free Amazon gift card from CDOT!


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