Because they make good music, and they like good music. That's basically the only criteria I have right now.

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Yesterday I had the chance to speak on the phone with Benji (bass) and Bob (rhythm) of Catfish and the Bottlemen, who will be at the Ogden Theater in Denver on December 5, kicking off their North American headlining tour for The Ride.

The album has pushed the UK band farther onto our radar following 2014's The Balcony, and has gone gold overseas. Catfish and the Bottlemen also just wrapped their European tour with a sold-out show at Wembley, after which The Telegraph dubbed them the band that is 'helping youngsters fall in love with guitars again.'

Kids still do want to come to a rock show and lose their minds for an hour and a half.

The band says they don't mind 'staying in the box,' when it comes to creating pure, simple rock 'n' roll in an age of electronic, synthesized music that constantly 'pushes boundaries.'

I guess people just see it as we're the people doing guitar music, but that's so bizarre when you think about it... It's kind of like straightforward thinking is now out-of-the-box. It's crazy.

Through their severely British accents (and my severely American one), I was able to wholeheartedly agree with what they had to say (I mean, don't we all love The Strokes?). You can hear a clip of the interview audio here:

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