While Colorado isn't the only state where recreational cannabis use is legalized, it certainly is one of the most popular ones.

According to a report from travel information industry leader, Upgraded Points, there are 3 cities in Colorado that have been named on the top 10 list for a canna-cation.

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First off, What's A Canna-cation?

There are so many new terms and phrases being invented every day that it can be difficult to keep up.

A canna-cation is a cannabis vacation. It's basically a term for those looking to take a vacation where they can enjoy the consumption of cannabis.

Canna-cation Methodology

States that allow recreational marijuana use are the bare minimum requirement for landing a spot on the list of the best places for a canna-cation.

Weed tourists are looking for places with the lowest costs and highest quality, while also seeking places that offer guided cannabis tours, and other fun cannabis-related activities.

Here are the 10 factors used to determine the best places for a canna-cation:

  • Average Cost of Airfare (Round-trip)
  • Average Nightly Price at a Weed-friendly Accommodation
  • Number of Weed-friendly Airbnbs (per 100K)
  • Average Cost of Rideshare (UberX Rides)
  • Number of Medical and Recreational Dispensaries (per 100K)
  • Average Cost of a 1/4 Ounce of Weed
  • Number of Guided Cannabis Tours
  • Average Cost of Weed-friendly Experiences
  • Number of Weed-friendly Experiences (per 100K)
  • Number of Fast Food Restaurants (per 100K)

The Best Places in Colorado for a Canna-cation

Coming in at #8 is Colorado Springs. Currently, the possession and consumption of marijuana are legal in Colorado Springs, however, recreational marijuana is not sold within the city.

Taking home the #4 spot is Boulder, Colorado and coming in 1st is none other than Denver, Colorado. 3 spots in the top 10 places in the U.S. for canna-cations is not half bad.

Fort Collins also placed 4th when it came to the least expensive U.S. cities for a canna-cation.

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