People across social media are just spitting mad over the plastic bag ban in Fort Collins and how dare the "man" charge us TEN WHOLE CENTS for paper bags?! Why, some are even so mad they're going to great lengths to avoid grocery stores in Fort Collins altogether, driving five, ten, even twenty miles out of their way roundtrip to shop instead at stores in Loveland or Windsor, just to avoid having to pay ten cents per shopping bag.

How dare the government take away our right to plastic? How dare a privately owned business charge us ten cents for a paper bag in its place? With gas prices what they are today, don't know about you, but I'm more than happy to willingly hand three or four dollars to big oil and drive so far out of my way rather than give a couple dimes to those environmentally conscious fools at the grocery stores in Fort Collins. That'll show 'em!

Sarcasm aside, the Coloradoan has a great FAQ for why this plastic bag ban has gone into effect, what happens to the ten cents per paper bag fee most stores are charging and basically why the need to change and evolve isn't the end of civilization.

But in case you'd rather spend your ten cents on something else other than lining fat grocer cats' pockets, here's a list of garbage... I mean... "quality items" you could purchase with your precious ten cents on Amazon.

Things You Can Purchase On Amazon For 10 Cents Instead of Grocery Bags in FoCo

High quality items for less! Some even rate 2 1/2 stars!

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