I grew up a fan of rock music in Northern Colorado. It was kind of a sad place. Sure, we had those guys from Denver with their big rock station, and it got us rockers by, but I always wondered why we didn't have a rock station of our own. Well, one year ago (on December 1st) I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to start Northern Colorado's first real rock station. And it turns out I wasn't the only person who wanted it. 

Without ever having a rock station in our market no one really knew what to expect, and I know from the hundreds of meetings I went to with the "big" bosses, they were rather weary. But somehow I was able to convince them that it would work. I have to say, I was very confident it would go over, but also a tad bit nervous!

Well, after about 6 months on the air, we got our first set of ratings, and we were number one among our target demographic, and the rest is really history!

Along the way we have had the opportunity to bring some big name rock acts into Northern Colorado including an intimate VIP performance with one of the biggest bands in the world right now, Shinedown. We also raised thousands of dollars for Children's Hospital with our Lures 4 Laney event, and have had a blast playing real rock and entertaining you for a year on the air.

In the future we hope to continue to grow, bring bigger and better acts to town, and hook you up with the coolest prizes around. But we also plan to stay true to our roots, answering the phones to take requests, playing what you want to hear, and staying involved in our local community. Let us kn ow what you like and don't, and we will continue to make YOUR rock station better!

Thanks a ton for a great first year, and we look forward to rocking you for many more years to come!

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