The official NFL Schedule release isn't until tomorrow (May 12th) but we already know two of the Broncos' games regarding where and when they're playing.

Recently, the NFL announced that the Broncos will be traveling to London to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars for a Week 8 matchup, and now we know that Russell Wilson and the Broncos will be spending Christmas in California with a Christmas Day matchup against the defending Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, a game that will be aired on Nickelodeon.

This year, Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, which should help with screwing us up on what day of the week it is during the holidays because Christmas always feels like a Sunday. There will be two other games on Christmas Day, but we don't know those matchups yet.

The Broncos have played three other times on Christmas Day, winning in 1994 against the Lions and in 2004 defeating the Titans.

With the game being aired on Nickelodeon, we can probably expect some fun antics to go with the game. Recently, the network has dived into the sports world by providing some pretty interesting entertainment elements to things like game highlights by adding slime effects and some other neat stuff into the mix.

YouTube/NFL Rush

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