We asked: Which roads in Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland and the surrounding areas are the worst to drive on in the snow? And you answered...

Irina Igumnova/ThinkStock
Irina Igumnova/ThinkStock

According to The Denver Channel, we may see some slushy snow here in the Front Range come Monday. Based on our listeners' feedback on Facebook, the following roads are a total pain in the butt in the winter:

HWY 34 to Wiggins: People also are not fond of 34 between Loveland and Greeley.

287 towards Laramie: This road gets a little sketchy past Livermore.

And the winner is... HWY 392: Also known as Carpenter in Fort Collins, and Main St. in Windsor. Several of our listeners listed 392, specifically approaching HWY 85, as the worst road to drive on in the snow. Unfortunately, our station is actually located on HWY 392.

An honorable mention goes to Taft in Loveland in the area of West 43rd and Trilby, 37th Street in Evans, O Street in Greeley and, your words not ours, literally anywhere in Fort Collins.

Drive safely, everyone!

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