(So far.) We may have had a late start to the summer, but now we're in for temps in the triple digits. 

Remember when it was snowing in June? That was nice...  Now, we've got temps in the upper 90s for the entire week, leading up to a possible 100-degree day on Friday.

Last year, 100-degree days came sooner, reaching 101 degrees on June 27, and 105 degrees on June 28.

Horsetooth 2012 - Todd Harding/TSM
Horsetooth 2012 - Todd Harding/TSM

In 2012, Colorado had its longest 90-degree streak (meaning ten days or more) from July 11 through August 3. Don't sweat it too much though — high temps drop back down to the 80s starting this weekend, and will last through next week.

Maybe now's the time to get that overtime in at the office so you can stay in the A/C a little bit longer every day, or spend some time with us paddle boarding at Horsetooth.

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