"Inflation is at an all-time high". Yes, somebody actually said that prior to the 11th annual Tube to Work Day in Boulder this week. The event drew about a thousand folks with tubes, rafts, helmets, in costumes, and with smiles and laughter.

According to the Daily Camera, it all started with Jeff Kagan and Andy Gruel in 2008 and has grown into a huge annual event that celebrates alternative transportation and the lifestyle of Boulder. It also brings out the creative side of the participants as they all put a different twist on what to wear or float on during their journey down Boulder Creek. One person showed up in an inflatable T-rex costume. Another donned a onesie with cats in Christmas hats on it.

While there were many who are veterans of the annual float, there were some who did it for the first time. They are already making plans to be back next year.

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