No, Bob Moses is not one person. They aren't two guys named Bob and Moses (although they get that a lot). The band is actually Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, a Canadian-bred electronic duo known for hits like "Back Down" and "Love Brand New."

"Love Brand New" is the lead single from the band's third album The Silence in Between, which dropped on Friday (March 4). Vallance had a feeling that the track would be the record's first release.

"It's just like a big, triumphant song that's fun and dark all at the same time," he told 94.3 The X, noting the song's classic rock influences. "That's kind of what Bob Moses does. I think this really fits what we do really well."

"Love Brand New" — Bob Moses

While "Love Brand New" came to the band relatively easily, the COVID-19 pandemic made a big impact on The Silence in Between's production — something that Howie doesn't necessarily see as a bad thing.

"There was all this stuff happening in the world [and] in our personal lives. The album was a big cathartic process for us," said Howie. "We really needed to make this music. It was kind of our coping mechanism for all the uncertainty and craziness that's been going on in the world in the last couple years."

Now, the band is ready to hit the road for their North American tour. They'll be in Colorado on April 16 and 17 — and they're really looking forward to it.

"People in Colorado aren't ashamed to let you know how stoked they are for you to be there, and I love that," said Vallance. "They're down for everything. It's not pretentious. People are just there to have a good time and, as an act, you really feel that."

Listen to the full 94.3 The X interview with Bob Moses below.

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