Blink-182 have released another new song from their upcoming studio album, Nine. The pop-punk giants shared “Darkside,” a song almost entirely led by synths.

Blink’s singles from the Nine sessions show a band embracing their youthful sound while marching into the future with modern radio dynamics. Unlike the 50-second “Generational Divide” and Enema-like “Happy Days,” “Darkside” falls more in line with “Blame It on My Youth,” allowing synth and drum parts to take over everything but the chorus.

Though “Darkside” isn’t the most rock-leaning track, it does retain the heartfelt feel of Blink-182’s classic material. Matt Skiba sings the first verse and big choruses, while Mark Hoppus grabs the second verse and each pre-chorus. As usual, drummer Travis Barker delivers a creative and wildly expressive performance, elevating the black bubblegum cut to a higher cred level.

Blink-182 are spending the summer on tour with Lil Wayne, nearly losing their co-headliner after the rapper cut his Virginia show short and told the crowd he might be ditching the tour. Lil Wayne took back the sentiment via Twitter the next day, saying, “I’m having too much fun with my bros blink-182.”

Listen to “Darkside” above and stay ready for Nine to be released Sept. 20.

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