A clip of an unreleased collaboration between blink-182 and Miley Cyrus just leaked, and it makes for interesting listening.

An alternative version of "I Really Wish I Hated You," a track that featured on blink-182's last album, NINE, featuring Cyrus was recently shared on social media by a fan account.

Check out the snippet below:

Initially, it was believed to be a fake, but in a recent Twitch livestream, vocalist/bassist Mark Hoppus confirmed that the band did in fact collaborate with the pop icon.

When first confronted with the Miley Cyrus collaboration during the stream, a taken aback Hoppus said: "I don’t know what the story is with…well I know exactly what the story is with the Miley Cyrus version of “I Really Wish I Hated You. But I did not realize that it was in the world. So I am trying to find out answers.”

Later on in the stream, he confirmed that “she [Cyrus] sang on a version of “I Really Wish I Hated You" and apparently it leaked.”

You can watch Hoppus addressing the leak in the clip below:

At this time, it's understood there are no plans for blink-182 to release the full track featuring Cyrus, but at least we still have the original to enjoy.

Mark Hoppus has previous for causing a stir during his quarantined Twitch streams. He's been spending his time playing Animal Crossing and jamming old songs, including some +44 classics.

If emo and Animal Crossing are both up your alley, Note To Scene recently compiled a bunch of QR codes so you can access your favorite emo albums in the game. Check that out here.

Hoppus' former bandmate, Tom DeLonge, has also been getting nostalgic on social media in recent weeks, sparking speculation about the potential reunion of Box Car Racer, the post-blink band he formed with drummer Travis Barker, who was also a part of Hoppus' +44 project.

blink-182's ninth album, NINE, came out in 2019. The band currently have a small run of shows across North America announced for this summer. As yet, these haven't been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak

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