While Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus may be best known for his catchy pop punk songs and his notoriously adolescent sense of humor, the bassist and vocalist recently got deep in a social media post about the power of music.

The 47-year old took to Twitter over the weekend and posted a screen shot of a note he wrote about the importance of live music and the magical connection that happens between a band and the audience. Hoppus captioned the post: “Something I’ve been thinking forever but needed to put into words tonight.”

He wrote, “The power of music, and specifically live music. These shows. The moments we share in a venue together. The band and the audience. Words we wrote in a garage or studio or an idea scribbled down in the middle of the night, or written in the depths of self-doubt or despair. To sing songs and have those songs sung back to us. A shared experience between everyone. It's amazing to see you smiling and laughing."

Hoppus references the band’s poignant track “Adam’s Song,” from 1999’s Enema of the State, which deals with suicide and depression. He writes, “Several times on this tour I’ve looked out during ‘Adam’s Song’ and seen people weeping, crying or holding their friends or loved one. Maybe remembering a lost friend or loved one, or a difficult time in one’s life.”

He continues, “To have a song bring strangers together to rejoice, to mourn, to remember. It’s awesome and humbling and it means the world to me. you all mean the world to me. Thank You.”

Blink 182 will release their new album, Nine, on Sept. 20. The effort features the new single "I Really Wish I Hated You" and the synth-driven "Darkside." Fans can pre-order the album on the band's website. The group is currently on tour with Lil Wayne and will take the stage in Cincinnati, Ohio tonight (Sept. 16). See all their tour dates here.

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