Not many restaurants in Loveland, Colorado, have a mascot, at all, let alone one with a name that fits so perfectly.

Sure, Chick-Fil-A has that cow mascot, but Chick-Fil-A is a national chain. This longtime downtown restaurant has been locally owned for over 50 years. They finally introduced this 'perfectly named' mascot in the summer of 2021. Have you seen them?

The Black Steer, on Lincoln Avenue near 5th Street in Downtown Loveland, has been a favorite in town for many, many years. It's one of the few places in Loveland to get a great steak. They grill up some of the tenderest and juiciest cuts of beef around. It's no wonder then, that they would choose a bull to be their mascot.

TSM/Dave Jensen

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I was hanging out in Downtown Loveland recently, when I noticed this yellow-shirted bull coming my way down the sidewalk. I wondered where he was headed, Was there some event? Then, the bull walked passed me, and I got a good look at the back of the bull's shirt and it became very clear.

It was the Black Steer's steer mascot:

TSM/Dave Jensen
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I had no idea that Black Steer had a mascot; it completely took my surprise. To see this big steer with a yellow shirt wandering around Downtown on a Sunday was peculiar, to say the least. But also, it was serendipity: If I hadn't been sitting outside, in the scorching heat, I would have missed them. I raced up to the steer and got some photos and of course, asked what is the name of the mascot.


Let's answer that question with a question: What is the Black Steer famous for (aside from the Rear of Steer bar that they have?)  The answer to that would be "Chex Mix," because the restaurant is famous for topping their salads with the breakfast item.

Facebook/The Black Steer

So, they decided to name their mascot  -- "CHEX."

Isn't that the greatest name? Now, when if ever you see him, you can shout out "Hey, Chex!"

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