The Black Keys were the subject of a comedy video released by Funny or Die, in which Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney spoofed the idea of online masterclasses.

Backed by dramatic music, the sketch took a lighthearted view of video courses that promise to offer new insights into an artist’s work, but often fail to deliver.

You can watch the video below.

“Every song on a record is trying to accomplish something,” Aerbach said. “That song in particular was trying to get me a new pool.” He later promised a tour of his studio, but instead focused on the value of his guitars.

“You have to be inspired by what’s around you,” he said at another point. “I wrote that song when I was eating caviar with Michael Jordan in Paris. … He cheats at blackjack.”

Carney – who claimed he saw himself as the frontman of the band – called  4/7 a “very interesting” rhythmic time signature. “Couldn’t tell you much about it beyond that, but it is very interesting,” he added.

He went on to say that one of the things about being a drummer is “you’re not a good guitar player – or as good as someone else that you know.”

In a recent more serious interview, Auerbach discussed his approach to music for real, noting that "you have to let go. It’s a weird person that wants to get good at something, but not too good. … That’s sort of always in me! … [I]t’s like, ‘How much do you really wanna know? What are you trying to accomplish in your life? Do you wanna be a jazz teacher? What do you want to do?’ My heroes were always so simple, in a way, that I always stayed well away from that kind of stuff. I’m happy to just use my ears.”



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