The 'Cerealiously' beer series at Black Bottle Brewery is back, despite almost taking a 2020 break.

I remember first trying Cerealiously Count Chocula years ago, when I was interning at this station. I made an embarrassing video with my friends, wide-eyed at 22 years old...

...and of course, we loved it. Black Bottle continued to put out their Cerealiously beers, and included Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and more.

With 2020 continuing to develop as a truly horrible time in history, it's almost like Black Bottle Brewery knew we needed this beer to come back and bring some joy into our lives, so that we could all live as if we were 22-year-old Scruggs in 2015. The brewery posted on their Facebook page on October 9 that Cerealiously Count Chocula is returning to their taps, and to bottles very soon.

Black Bottle said in the post:

By the way, the beer is a milk stout infused with Count Chocula cereal, and according to Untappd, has a 3.94 rating out of 5. In other words, it's super delish.
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