The Yelpers have screamed, and they scream for this ice cream. We're in the toastiest part of the year, so when it comes to cooling off, these are the most-recommended spots in town. 

1) Walrus Ice Cream Company

In the heart of Downtown Fort Collins, people literally scream for this ice cream because the place is haunted...

2) Churn Ice Cream/Little Man

One of the new additions to Old Town, and it's already won the people over. Churn Ice Cream in the Exchange is literally a giant ice cream churner so no wonder they churn out the good stuff.

3) Revolution Artisan Pops

While it's not traditional ice cream, per say, you gotta love these guys. They cool us off every year at Taste of Fort Collins. Revolution partners with other local businesses to make cold treats like Nuance Dark Chocolate and Bindle's Coffee & Sweet Cream.

4) Rita's Frozen Custard 

Rita's opened on Harmony Road in late 2018.

5) Kilwin's

See the top ten via Yelp, and then you be the judge.

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