Cities like Denver and Boulder may be hotspots for young singles, but Colorado is also a great place to raise a family.

It's not hard to imagine why. The Centennial State has a lot to offer the family unit, from lush suburbs to recreation opportunities to ample career paths.

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Still, when it comes to families, one Colorado city stands out above the rest.

The best Colorado city to raise a family in

According to new research from StorageCafe, Colorado Springs is the 19th best city to raise a family in in America, just behind Chandler, Arizona, and St. Petersburg, Florida.

StorageCafe based the results on a city's public schools, family income, grocery and childcare costs, home prices, air quality, crime rates, and more.

Nicholas Vassios // Unsplash
Nicholas Vassios // Unsplash

Colorado Springs ranks eighth in terms of public schools and has an average family income of $89,081. The cost of groceries, childcare, and housing add up in Little London, but the city does enjoy a somewhat low crime rate and decent air quality.

Families also love these Colorado cities

A separate study from Niche highlighted other Colorado cities for families, noting that Holly Hills, Cherry Creek, Superior, Castle Pines, and Highlands Ranch all cater to the domestic lifestyle.

Derek Baumgartner // Unsplash
Derek Baumgartner // Unsplash

However, families may want to avoid cities like San Luis, Lewis, and Antonio — according to another report from Niche, these are the worst cities to raise a family in in Colorado.

Find out more about the times Colorado has ranked as the best in the U.S. in the gallery below.

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