The University of Colorado at Boulder is bringing new life to its famed "Athletic Hall Of Honor" and creating new traditions within its athletic Hall of Fame.

Earlier this week, officials within the University of Colorado at Boulder's Athletic Department announced that the school would not only be restoring its prestigious Athletic Hall Of Honor but would also be opening a brand new "Legacy Wing", honoring individuals who have made a lasting impression or contribution to or around CU athletics during their lifetimes.

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Meet The First Inductees Into CU's New "Legacy Wing"

The very first two inductees into CU Athetlics' Legacy Wing are no strangers to the Buffs community; in fact, the inductees, together, have attended more than 3,000 football, basketball, and Olympic sporting events at CU shortly after moving to Boulder, CO more than 80 years ago, back in 1940.

On Monday, June 27, university leaders shared that CU “superfans” Peggy Coppom and the late Betty Hoover - better known and beloved around CU Boulder & the surrounding community as "The Twins" - will officially be the first individuals inducted into the latest addition to CU's Athletic Hall of Fame.

CU Boulder's Athletic Director Rick George was the one to deliver the news to Peggy in person at her home in Boulder, rather than letting her know over the phone; you can watch the heartwarming moment between Peggy and George below:

"It's a tremendous honor for you and Betty and we want to protect your legacy for what the two of you have meant to our athletic department for decades," George said to Betty when informing her about the tremendous honor.

After watching the footage above, I believe it's safe to say Betty was thrilled upon hearing the news (and rightfully so).

According to the university, the twins are currently honored on campus with a plaque just off the Buff Walk on the east side of CU's Folsom Feld, with "twin" trees that were planted on June 26, 2021, on each side framing the plaque.

There are likely more pictures of fans posing with the twins than with any other people connected to CU in history - that includes musicians, astronauts, actors and actresses, athletes, and politicians.

A spokesperson for CU Athletics said on Monday (June 27), that the twins, along with two former CU football players who have made their marks in their chosen careers - Jim Hansen and Dr. Eric McCarty - will all be honored along with the 2022 Athletic Hall of Fame class (which you can view here) this October.'

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