Despite rescue efforts from multiple agencies, a young bear was euthanized over the weekend, after plummeting approximately 55 feet down a waterfall in Colorado Springs.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a male bear, with an estimated age of three to four years old, initially fell about 15 feet down an upper falls at Seven Falls.

After the tumble, the 250-pound bear was struggling, and unable to move his back legs. In the following minutes, CPW explained the animal then fell another 40 feet down a second waterfall.

Due to the injuries that the he suffered, CPW officers Cassidy English and Sarah Watson had no other choice but to euthanize the crippled bear.

In order to remove the deceased bear from the sketchy location, CPW had to call in firefighters from Broadmoor Fire Protection, as well as members from the El Paso Search and Rescue Team.

Just to reach the bear, the team had to climb up 120 very steep stairs to an overlook, and then scaled steep and slippery canyon walls, before finally crossing a waterfall.

Some of the search and rescue crew climbed up even higher, and created a pulley system, so that they could lift the body across the water, and then up over the railings and stairs.

CPW noted that the conditions were treacherous, and it was very hard to communicate due to loudness of the rushing water.

Following the rescue, CPW examined the bear's body and discovered a serious wound and infection on his right side, that they believe could have contributed to the fall.

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