We're now just one competition away from the final round of BandWagon Magazine's Battle of the Bands here in Northern Colorado, so here's a recap of what's gone down, and what's up next.

The Gii Astorga Band drew in a crowd at the Moxi Theater during round one, but they'll be up against Fort Collins winners The Covz and Slow Caves in the finals.

Shelby Taylor-Thorn/Madi Scruggs, TSM

During round two at Hodi's Half Note in Old Town, New London Royalty, ForeverFall, Soon to Be Titans and Slow Caves competed for a spot in the finals. While Soon to Be Titans (had a really cool jacket and) won over the crowd as the 'Fan Favorite,' it wasn't enough to bump their score over Slow Caves.

Fort Collins band The Covz were neck-and-neck with round three 'Fan Favorite' Harkener at the Downtown Artery, but also made it into the final round at the Moxi on February 13, also leaving behind The Magnetic Wars and Home Fried Boogaloo.

Although they were runner-up, we'd like to just say that the singer of Harkener did an amazing job performing while being hit by a disruptive audience member during the show, and put up with some un-invited stage crashing. For that, we give him some kudos.

Up next: One more round of preliminaries at the Moxi, Thursday, February 4 with Bach Hotel, Church of Lazlo, Poets & Wolves and Underseer. Finals are at the Moxi Theater on Saturday, February 13 - Gii Astorga, Slow Caves, The Covz and TBD.

Check out the photos from rounds two and three in Fort Collins: