Taste of Fort Collins band One Flew West paid our local Target store a visit while paying tribute to Nirvana... on toys that sound like cats

Used with permission, courtesy Talia Lezama Photography
Used with permission, courtesy Talia Lezama Photography

We're not sure if a cat keyboard Nirvana cover will be on the set list when One Flew West takes the stage before the Plain White T's this summer, but we can say that if it is, they'll pull it off.

À la Rage Against the Machine performed on toys, the Denver band shared the video below via Instagram. Performed in our Fort Collins Target, we cat handle how purrr-fect it is -- aside from the fact that they could have done it on the deodorant aisle, amid the sticks of actual Teen Spirit, but oh well, whatever, never mind, just watch the video.

One Flew West will be performing on the Washington Park Stage on Friday, June 9 in support of the Plain White T's at First National Bank's Taste of Fort Collins 2017. Tickets on sale here.

Photo used with permission courtesy Talia Lezama Photography. Give her a 'like' on Facebook!

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