Bad Religion have returned with their first new song of the Trump era, “The Kids Are Alt-Right.” Along with the new cut, the legendary punk band have released an animated music video lampooning far-right ideology.

“The Kids Are Alt-Right” is Bad Religion’s first offering since releasing True North in 2013. With a discography of political punk anthems from the days of Reagan to Obama, it’s no surprise Bad Religion would put today’s political climate under a microscope for new material.

Bad Religion’s animated clip puts KKK hoods on teens taking selfies, kids floating on rafts made of guns, Donald Trump chasing a shotgun on a string, a man taking a sledgehammer to a stack of books and more. As expected, the YouTube comments section for “The Kids Are Alt-Right” has become a battleground for trolling and legitimate argument.

As for a new album from Bad Religion, there’s no official announcement that a fresh record is coming. “Another album is on the horizon,” singer Greg Graffin told us in early 2017. “True North was such a good album that I don’t want to put out something that indicates we’re aging. [laughs] We do plan on getting another record out there, hopefully before our 40th anniversary [in 2020].”

Check out the new video for Bad Religion’s “The Kids Are Alt-Right” above and click here to purcahse the new cut.

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