There is a new addition to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo as of Wednesday, October 19 as Bailey the Giraffe has given birth to her second offspring. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo informed their Facebook fans that Bailey went into labor at approximately 9:30 Wednesday morning.

The team at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo eagerly awaited the arrival of Bailey's second calf, but they didn't have to wait very long. Bailey the Giraffe gave birth to the calf approximately an hour and a half after she was observed going into labor.

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The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is giving us an inside look at the new addition to the reticulated giraffe calf via Facebook Live:

As of noon, the newborn reticulated giraffe is already up on all fours and walking around. Of course, mamma is keeping a close eye on the little one.

Bailey the Giraffe bred with Khalid on June 19, 2021, according to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo records. A typical giraffe pregnancy spans anywhere from 14 to 16 months. Bailey the Giraffe gave birth at exactly the 15-month mark today.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's Addition to the Giraffe Herd

The newborn calf will be the 17th reticulated giraffe in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo herd.

Giraffe calves can be fragile, so we try to encourage people to be realistic about the risks while they enjoy the excitement of the hope we know giraffe calves bring to so many

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's African Rift Valley Animal Care Manager, Jason Bredahl, commented in a release relating to Bailey the Giraffe's labor. Due to the arrival of the giraffe, the Giraffe Barn at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is and will remain closed.

Source: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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