Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket?

According to Insurify.com, over 12% of Colorado drivers have a speeding ticket on their record. I don't know about you, but that is surprising to me considering how much speeding I see out on the road. I thought it would be a lot more. Just for the record, Ohio, Iowa, and North Dakota are the states with the most speeders - nearly 15%.

Two Kinds of Speeders - Which One Are You?

There are two kinds of speeders - accidental and intentional. Some people may get nailed for speeding because they weren't paying close attention to a change in the posted limit, or perhaps they were distracted by their favorite song on the radio and didn't realize they were going 10 miles or more over the limit.

Then, there are the intentional speeders. These are the people that have a lead foot and perhaps a somewhat defiant personality. They know it, they admit it, they don't care, and that will never change. These are the people who consider speed limit signs as suggestions and recommendations - not as rules and regulations. It's also possible they have gotten into the habit of totally ignoring speed limit signs and rarely have a clue what the speed limit actually is.

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The Law Makes No Distinctions In Colorado

Speeding is against the law in Colorado - whether it's accidental or intentional. However, the fact is, most of the time speeders don't suffer any consequences for exceeding the speed limit. That statement is based on my personal observations. In all my years of driving, I have never seen someone speed around me - exceeding the speed limit - and get pulled over. Can you tell me that 88% of Colorado drivers have never driven over the posted speed limit?

The Simplest Way To Avoid Getting A Ticket In Colorado

The best way to avoid getting a speeding ticket in Colorado is simply to observe speed limit signs, give yourself an extra 5 mph, and you don't have to worry about seeing red and blue flashing lights in the rearview mirror. I kind of like how Fletcher Reid puts it in the classic movie Liar, Liar - which I won't repeat, but you can see it in the clip below.

How to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket in Colorado

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