If you were thinking about attending the Stanley Cup Finals at Ball Arena over the next couple of weeks, you're out of luck, that is unless you're willing to shell out a couple grand for a pair of tickets in the nosebleeds, and that's the cheapest way in.

The average price for a ticket into Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Colorado Avalanche and the Tampa Bay Lightning  was a whopping $1,061, and that's just the average based on tickets already sold. But good news today...the tickets have dropped in price a bit and you can get into Game 1 Wednesday night for a mere $879 per ticket.

What a steal, I mean considering what these tickets have been going for over the past week or so, it really is quite the deal especially considering a single ticket near the ice fetched $10,000 just last week.

Yeah, that wasn't  a mistake, there really was a ticket, a single ticket that sold for $10,000 in section 134, 2 rows from the glass. 


So chances are, you're not going to be able to afford to hit up a game in person (and if you are, good for you) but there are going to be plenty of opportunities to check out the action at watch parties throughout the Mile High City. 


Here's the full lineup for the Stanley Cup Finals as the Avs take on the high powered and defending 2 time Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightning.

Game 1--June 15th 6pm Ball Arena

Game 2-- June 18th 6pm Ball Arena

Game 3-- June 20th 6pm Amalie Arena 

Game 4--June 22nd 6pm Amalie Arena

Game 5-- (if necessary) June 24th 6pm Ball Arena

Game 6-- (if necessary) June 26th 6pm Amalie Arena

Game 7-- (if necessary) June 28th 6pm Ball Arena




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