As someone who dabbles in standup comedy, I can tell you it's the best of times and the worst of times.  But, the highs can definitely be worth the lows.

If anyone has ever told you you are funny... or, if you're one of us who thinks of the most inappropriate thing in a super serious, adult situation, you probably have laughs to offer up on stage - or, even just on YouTube.

The great news is, it's super easy to expose yourself (giggety) to live standup comedy in Northern Colorado, either as an attendee or a participant.  Open mics happen every week, for free.  Here are the super local ones from

  • Hodi's Half Note on North College:  7pm Mondays
  • Yum Yum's / Ma's Juice Bar north of Shields & Elizabeth:  9pm Tuesdays
  • Dungeons and Drafts, 1624 S. Lemay #6:  8pm Wednesdays
  • Bondi Beach Bar & Grill on Old Town Square:  7pm Thursdays

While all those are just in Fort Collins, tons of other open mics happen weekly in Longmont, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and especially Denver.

Here's my favorite one, but you have to get on a waiting list that generally takes up to a month before it's your turn.  So, so worth it, though:

  • New Talent Night at Comedy Works in Denver.  It's $12 to attend, but free to perform.  You get two minutes the first time.

Something important to know about participating in the local comedy scene:

Most of the "comics" suck.  And you will too, until you do it several times after working on your standup set.  Worse yet, some of the sucky comics suck because someone - girlfriend, roommate, mom, whoever - told them once that they're really funny.  Now, they think if they get drunk and/or stoned enough and just waltz up on the stage and blabber out the next thing that comes to their mind that somehow they're gonna be the next Jim Gaffigan.  Doesn't work that way.  A successful comedy set takes writing, rehearsal, planning, and a little strategy, followed by loosening the hell up and making it look spontaneous.  But these people will never get it, because they have seven friends who are trashed and laugh at their every move while they're on stage, making them think they're actually funny.  It's like a freaking disease.  Then, someone like myself who actually brought prepared material doesn't even get heard because I'm not part of that other group.  That's why I am extremely picky about which stages I hit.  I tend to look more for "showcases," where you generally get a more captive audience - then, you at least know if your set is at least fairly good, rather than getting ignored because everyone else in the place is just worried about their own stage life.  With these, people actually go there just to take in a show, understanding it's amateurs, and it's a really great time:

  • The Colorado Room at 642 S. College in Fort Collins currently has a Thursday night showcase.
  • Comedy Works is amazing.  It's a bummer when you bomb, but when you don't, you go to sleep that night feeling like the world is yours.

On another note, I give away Comedy Works tickets to see actual, touring comics most weeks on 94-3 the X's Funny Friday, and it's a guaranteed great time, every time.  Fridays at 7:40 during Get Up Standup, I feature that week's featured comic, then encourage you to message me on the X Facebook page to request free tickets.  Click here to find out more!


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