I just want to take a moment to talk about Keith and Michael Jeffery. They are in Atlas Genius, and were at the Aggie Theatre last night (7/25) for the band's show with Bear Hands and The Moth and the Flame. They let us into the Atlas Genius tour bus for an interview before the show, and we were not expecting what happened next.

Madi Scruggs, Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM
Madi Scruggs, Shelby Taylor-Thorn/TSM

Ladies and gentlemen, we discovered the world's nicest man.

Chivalry is not dead, it's just hiding. Where? The Atlas Genius tour bus out back, where Keith and Michael showed us some real southern (Australian) hospitality. -- And, mind you, this is a band our town threw bread at the last time they were here, and they ain't even mad!

They laughed it off and called it 'The Breadfest.'

I think that this was actually the first time an artist has invited me into their home on wheels, and the first thing Keith asks me is if he can get me anything.

'A bottle of water? Can I make you coffee?'

Well, there is something I never expected to happen -- and with that accent, might I add. After wrapping up a great interview with me and Scruggs, he again asked us if he could get us anything. Like, here we were in his nice air-conditioned tour bus and he wants to feed us and make sure we're comfortable. After graciously declining, as we didn't want to be a burden, he told us if we changed our minds or needed anything else, 'Just come back to the bus, and knock on the door.'

The lead singer of Atlas Genius -- nicest man in the world. Thanks for coming to our continent, offering us coffee AND giving us an amazing show last night.

As Keith would say, 'Cheers!'

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