Colorado is home to a few of the most famous ski mountains in the world, including, of course, Aspen.

Aspen has been featured in movies such as Dumb and Dumber and has seen the likes of countless celebrities and the super-rich spend time on the slopes.

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Aspen has been around for quite some time, and it's pretty rare to see what it was like, say, half a century ago save some old photos here and there that have been lying around a while. However, a recent discovery gives us a unique look into what the famous ski resort was like back in 1965.

Aspen Colorado Footage from 1965

The footage takes us back in time all the way back to 1965 courtesy of a YouTuber who found the video in an attic.

The video's description states that the uploader discovered the footage "after 50 years in the attic," adding that it features their parents and their friends on a ski trip. The party allegedly traveled "from Boston straight to Aspen in a VW Bug back in 1965."

While understandably a little grainy, it's a miracle that the footage is in as good of shape as it is. This was long before you could just whip out your cell phone and take video but rather had to lug around an old-school camera with actual film.

The footage shows skiers dressed in classic 1960s attire having a blast on the slopes, occasionally wiping out, and enjoying the end of their day outside of an Apres Ski restaurant laughing and chatting with friends.

Take a trip back in time and see what it was like to ski in Aspen back in 1965:

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