I have tumbled on my snowboard from countless, tiny tree stubs sticking out of the ground.  I've been to the e.r. because I thought I broke something after landing flat on my back on an ice patch during a three-foot jump.  There was also my very first day at the sport, where I was so intimidated by the steepness of this run that I unbuckled from my snowboard, thinking that sitting on it would somehow keep me from destroying myself.  I bounced off the board, rolled a little, and got up in time to see skier after skier reaching down to try and grab my snowboard, which was now jetting down the mountainside far away from yours truly.

Like most riders, I have also had numerous squirrels and prairie dogs run in front of me, and I'm pleased to report I haven't hit one yet.

If either of these things happened to me, I would probably need to take a break from snowboarding.  First, these guys got blasted by an avalanche.  Then, they were attacked multiple times by a moose!  Here's the story from 9 News:

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