Around 355,000 Coloradans are expected to get the COVID-19 vaccine, starting in December. That could be enough to cover Colorado's healthcare workers, CBS4 reported. 

According to the news outlet, based on Colorado's population size, the state will receive about 670,000 vaccines. However, because the vaccines must be given to each person twice, the number of Coloradans to get the first wave of vaccines will be half of that.

The first wave of vaccines is expected to cover Colorado's healthcare workers, emergency responders and high-risk individuals in long term facilities.

In the first phase, the priority recipients will be assisted living facility workers, home health care workers and outpatient pharmacists. Next are police officers, firefighters, public health workers and corrections staff. The third level of vaccine recipients are nursing home and assisted living patients. - AP News

AP News reported that the next phase of Colorado's COVID-19 vaccines will go to the homeless, students residing in dorms, essential workers including teachers, and those over 65 or with health conditions.

CBS4's report also said that the general population (last phase) likely won't be vaccinated until late next year.

You can read more about how Colorado's vaccines will be distributed here.

This week, 15 Colorado counties were placed in the state's new 'red' level restriction; Purple is the new stay-at-home order. Right now, Larimer and Weld Counties remain in the 'yellow' category on the state's new COVID dial.

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