Wednesday's National League Wild Card Game was a roller coaster of emotions for Rockies fans, and although they put up a great fight, their season ultimately came to an end after losing 11-8 against the Diamondbacks.

On Thursday afternoon however, it was reported that Arizona is now under investigation by the MLB, after a controversial game time photo of the Diamondbacks coach began surfacing on multiple outlets. The photo features coach/translator Ariel Prieto standing in the dugout, in which he can clearly be seen wearing an electronic watch. The problem – these types of devices, as well as anything that has internet capabilities, are actually banned by the league from being used on the benches, in that they could potentially be used to steal signs and alert hitters to what pitch is coming. It was just three weeks ago that the Red Sox were fined by the Commissioner for doing this exact same thing, and other teams were also warned that more significant sanctions would be the result if violations like this continue to occur.

This situation is currently under investigation, but unfortunately, even if the Diamondbacks are proven guilty of misconduct, it is unlikely that it would have any effect on the Rockies, or the outcome of Wednesday night's Wild Card game.

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