Pizza Hut is supposedly set to take orders through Facebook Messenger and Twitter, but Northern Colorado Pizza Hut managers have heard otherwise.

Actually, they haven't heard anything.

According to an article shared by Denver7, Pizza Hut will allow conversational food orders from Facebook Messenger and Twitter beginning in August as a way to make ordering more convenient. Once the order is confirmed, a receipt is emailed to the customer and told when it will be ready for pickup.

Pizza Hut's Chief Digital Officer, Baron Concors, says this reinforces the company's dedication to being the most user-centered pizza company with an emphasis on a simple, personalized digital experience.

The pizza company already processes orders via web and mobile app, which almost half their customers use.

But is this Facebook/Twitter ordering system even real at all? 

Maybe it is, but I decided to call up the Pizza Hut at 1612 N College Avenue in Fort Collins to see if they'd be implementing the Facebook Messenger and Twitter ordering system.

I first spoke with a nice man named Ben who, when asked if this ordering process would be available at this location, said he hadn't heard anything about it, but offered to grab his General Manager for comment.

"Sure," I said, and then had a similar conversation with Steve, who had also not heard anything about this, almost hinting that they won't ever use this system.

It might be because this Pizza Hut is actually located in Albertsons, but it seems to me that wouldn't make much of a difference's Pizza Hut. Still, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to pick up the phone and order a pizza the old fashioned way, even if you have to pick up the pizza yourself.