Life's rough when you live in a swanky ski and outdoor recreation town like Aspen, Colorado, and this is something that police (jokingly) recognize.

The Aspen Police Department shared a story on Tuesday via Facebook of a customer at a local grocery store finding a bag of cocaine on the self-checkout scanner.

Aspen Police Department via Facebook
Aspen Police Department via Facebook

"Have you ever returned from the grocery store, emptying out your bags only to find out that something didn't come home with you?" they asked on Facebook. "With the cost of white powdery substances these days, probably somebody got home and spent the next 15 minutes going through their pockets, over and over."

While police usually do all they can to return lost items like phones, wallets, and passports, among other things, Aspen police added, "if this is your property, we're going to leave it up to you to come and collect it."

Have fun with that. #AspenProblems

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