To whom this concerns,

With Fort Collins having an ever growing population, the price of living is steadily increasing. The effects of this increase can be felt by young adults, and mostly students. What is the driving factor for this financial strain many young adults feel? The U+2 law. 

The law established to prevent more than 3 unrelated people from renting a house is long outdated, and can be a source of extreme financial stress to many. With empty promises made by many every year to abolish the rule, we are left wondering if this problem will ever truly get resolved.

While some city zones are exempt from the wrath of U+2, the most known areas are neighborhoods surrounding Colorado State University. If there was ever a way to stress college students out along with school, work, and remembering to eat, it is the addition of only having 2 roommates in a 4 bedroom house. The savings a person could see by being allowed one extra roommate would amount to potentially thousands of dollars per year. In a sense, it can be seen as discriminatory towards young individuals looking to save money on their monthly rent. What’s the issue with that?

One more suitable option would be to allow for houses to have up to 4-5 roommates depending on the number of bedrooms. This would still keep houses from being overcrowded, since obviously nobody wants to live across from those noisy frat boys.

However all we can do is hope and wait for someone, anyone to get rid of the awful law known as U+2. 


Jace Henry

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