Well, this is pretty cool!  It’s one of those shows that sucks you in- ‘American Pickers’ on the History Channel. Those guys, Mike and Frank will be in the state this summer! Will they be highlighting YOUR collection?

Jared Tilton, Getty Images

This should be interesting. ‘American Pickers’ is slated to film in Colorado this July! Who's place will they be stopping at? What kind of deals are they going to score? What will be the ‘Ice Breaker’ deal? So many questions. It all starts with YOU having a collection that they want to see. Do you?

Maybe you have a great collection of old stuff, quirky stuff, rare stuff, stuff that comes with a story. They LOVE a good story! How cool would it be to see that big white van pulling up to your place?

If you think you have the goods they’d like to check out, contact them!

You can email them -AmericanPickers@Cineflix.com

You can leave them a voicemail – 1-855-OLD-RUST

Or hit them up on Facebook - @GotAPick

Include your name, phone number, where your collection is located and description of your stuff.

Keep in mind, it has to be a private collection; nothing that’s open to the public.

Good luck and good pickin’!

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