All Time Low have partnered with their home state's Full Tilt Brewing to introduce a blonde ale in a can called Beer Maria, Count Me In.

Naturally, the new beverage from the Baltimore-based brewing company takes its name from the Maryland pop-punk act's 2008 banger, "Dear Maria, Count Me In."

The group led by singer Alex Gaskarth first announced the music-themed libation late last year. As noted by The Baltimore Sun this week (Jan. 22), the Beer Maria can's label artwork shows two people dancing in silhouette, just like the cover of the 2007 album that contains the All Time Low hit, So Wrong, It's Right. On the can label, however, the figures are brandishing mugs of beer.

Not a fan of alcoholic beverages? Fear not. Beer novices were one audience on the creators' radar when the flavor of Beer Maria was concocted. Both the band and Full Tilt founder Nick Fertig designed the beverage to be accessible to both regular beer drinkers as well as All Time Low fans of all stripes.

"We wanted Beer Maria to be approachable, refreshing and to serve as a good introductory beer to everything else Full Tilt has to offer," Gaskarth said. "I imagined myself standing outside at a concert, and thought about what I'd want to be sipping on a hot summer day, watching a rad band; we went for citrus notes, with enough body and hops to not feel like it's watered down."

Fertig added, "As a blonde ale, it's gonna be a little more, I would say English style-lead [of a taste] except for the fact that we have a citrus hop to it."

See images of the Beer Maria ale below. Throughout January, the band and brewery have been teaming up on marketing efforts and special contests surrounding the beer's release. That includes a $5 show Jan. 31 at Baltimore's cozy Ottobar venue where cans of Beer Maria will be available.

Earlier this week, All Time Low released standalone single "Some Kind of Disaster" as a way to "reintroduce" themselves following the disappointing performance of 2017's Last Young Renegade.

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