Animal shelters across Colorado have helped hundreds of people find furry additions to permanently welcome into their homes.

During the height of the pandemic, shelters were witnessing record amounts of pets being adopted, but recently, one of the larger organizations in Colorado has been experiencing the opposite of that.

Last week, the Denver Dumb Friends League announced that their shelter is at capacity with adoptable animals. Shelter staff noted that it's been more than a decade since they've had an overabundance of dogs and cats in the facility like this.

While they understand everyone isn't in the position to adopt, Dumb Friends League staff are encouraging those who are able to give a stray animal a home, to do so. The shelter is also offering adult cat adoptions for $10. Additional to the reduced rate for cats, the DDFL has said that they are waiving or discounting other adoption fees as well.

Besides cats and dogs, the DDFL has rabbits, mice, and lots of guinea pigs that are in need of homes too.

For those who can't currently take home a new, permanent pet, there are several other ways to help out the local shelter. DDFL is seeking people who would like to volunteer in various ways within the shelter and at other similar centers throughout the state. Another option is to become a foster parent for a dog or cat, which helps give the animal a loving temporary home and also allows the shelter to keep space open for new animals that arrive.

If you were on the fence about adding a furry companion to the family, now, more than ever is the perfect time to adopt and not shop.

To check out the pets that are currently available for adoption at the Denver Dumb Friends League, or to learn more about the organization as a whole, visit

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