Many people posted photos and videos of lights in the sky over Northern Colorado this weekend. Apparently, it wasn't aliens after all (unless you believe...).

*X-Files music*


A few of my friends I follow on Instagram shared the mysterious lights to their Instagram story Saturday evening, and I guess they weren't the only ones, because the Coloradoan has thoroughly debunked the recent 'UFO sighting.' What was the cause? Google. No, really, you can watch an explanatory video from Denver 7 here.

Fort Collins Police Services (our faves to follow on social media for obvious reasons) had fun with the reports, replying on Twitter, 'We don’t have a division at FCPS (yet) so we are unable to investigate. However, just in case they were aliens who get mad about drunk driving, you should probably drive sober tonight!' (HA!)

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In case you missed it, here's what people saw (via Ryan Geddes on Twitter):



And meanwhile in Estes Park...

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