When exploring abandoned mines in Colorado, you should never do what this guy just did.

This video was shot three months ago (January 19, 2022) in Uravan, Colorado. Not only will this gentleman explain to you what not to do, but he will also actually go so far as to demonstrate.

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Open Mine Entrance Near Uravan Colorado

Uravan, Colorado, is an abandoned uranium mining town in Montrose County. You'll find it along the San Miguel River roughly 90 miles from Grand Junction.

According to Wikipedia:

The town was a company town established by U. S. Vanadium Corporation in 1936 to extract the rich vanadium ore in the region. As a byproduct of vanadium extraction, small amounts of uranium were also produced, at the time mostly used as a yellow pigment for ceramics.

The Warning at the Entrance

This clearly visible sign next to the entrance reads:


Trikes Travel and the Tagabauche via Youtube / Canva

So, naturally, the thing to do is open the door and go inside. The cameraman takes you on a short tour of what appears to have once been a storage area deep within the rock.

Mine Uravan Colorado 2
Trikes Travel and the Tagabauche via Youtube / Canva

Upon exiting, he says, "You should never, ever, ever do what I just did and come into this region. I just wanted to take a look and show you that this is something you don't want to do."

Mine Uravan Colorado
Trikes Travel and the Tagabauche via Youtube / Canva

Important Message Regarding MInes

I mean absolutely no disrespect. Just the opposite. The person behind this video is trying to send a critically important message. As he states early in the video, "...but I'm a little shocked, because we came out here in the past and this thing has always been secure. Come out here today, it is not secure."

Upon exiting the mine, he states at 4:39, "I always wanted, at least, to pull something like that so that I can say 'don't do this.'"

If you've spent any time in Western Colorado, you know how important this message is. You'll encounter mines occasionally when hiking this part of the country. They are best left alone. Please take note of the warning sign and pay it the respect it deserves.

Colorado's Kanarado Mine - Robert Grand Photos

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