For the better part of 15 years, Staind were among one of rock's most consistent presences, yielding seven studio albums and a string of rock radio hits. But since 2011, the band members have been taking more time for themselves and according to Aaron Lewis it looks like it will be some time before we hear from them again.

During breaks from the band, Lewis has been pursuing a career in the country music scene as a solo artist. Meanwhile, guitarist Mike Mushok has kept things going by first playing with Newsted and now with Saint Asonia. After taking a two year break between 2012 and 2014, the band is back on hiatus again and it appears as though they will remain that way for a while.

Speaking with Shout Out Minnesota in the video above, Lewis was asked if there was anything on the horizon for Staind, to which he replied, "Not for a while." The vocalist elaborated, "Mike [Mushok], the guitar player, signed with another band and their new single just came out last week and he's gonna be busy for three records with that band."

But he adds that Staind will return at some point. "We didn't break up and at some point Staind will come back out," explained Lewis. "I don't know if we'll record a record or tour or what the deal will be but he's got the Saint Asonia thing going on and I've got [my solo deal] going on and Old School [Johnny April] the bass player is just happy to be home and enjoying the fruits from all his labor over the years, so this is what it is for a while."

As for his venture into country, Lewis stated, "The first music I ever heard in my life was country music. And as every kid does, I kind of rebelled against the music that I grew up on. That's how I ended up in Staind. And for a very long time, if a song had any sort of twang in it whatsoever, I didn't want to hear it, and now I can't get enough of it. You know, people change and life goes in circles and I just kind of came back full circle."

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