Look, predicting the weather in Colorado is hard, even for the experts. But, if you're the type who dreams of a white Christmas every year, you're probably itching to know what the chances are, and thankfully, the scientists at NOAA are here to help. 

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, formally) has published its annual 'Historical Probability of a White Christmas' map, which shows us the 'climatological probability of at least one inch of snow being on the ground on December 25.'

winter sunrise over Horsetooth Reservoir
marekuliasz/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Unfortunately, if you love waking up to a blanket of fresh snow on the ground on Christmas morning, chances don't look great for 2018. According to the map, Fort Collins has a 34 percent probability of at least one inch of snow; Greeley, 43 percent.

However, this map is just a prediction based on historical patterns, and we've had some decent snowfall this year. NOAA states that 'actual conditions this year may vary widely from these probabilities because the weather patterns present will determine if there is snow on the ground or if snow will fall on Christmas Day.'

So, don't have a blue Christmas just yet, and check the forecast a week prior.

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