The internet is where people go to get angry and leave comments -- I would know, people do it to me all the time. But, this live video shared by Denver 7 has really got people ticked at Denver Police. Why?

Remember last summer, when all those motorcyclists rode through Denver, stopping traffic on I-25? Well, today, Denver PD destroyed one of the bikes they seized during the 'Kill da Streetz' rally, and people are really upset about that.

One Facebook commenter William Hart said, 'Extremely petty. That bike could've sold at auction and the proceeds been used for something useful,' while another, Cyrus Douglas, wrote, 'My opinion : Destroying one motorcycle out of many will not change anybody's mind that was involved in the protest. This is not the 'ADULT' way to correct a problem.'

Most others resonated with those comments, saying that the spectacle was a waste of tax dollars, that more severe crimes like DUIs go with less punishment and ultimately, it's just petty.

However, many users did comment in support of the action, stating they agreed with the bold message the police department was sending after having to handle the biker rally last July. Some said that there should be consequences like this for the actions of those involved (or that they, too, were stuck on I-25 the day of the rally, and found the video satisfying to watch).

What do you think? Read the story in full via The Denver Channel.

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