If you've driven in the mountains in the wintertime, you know it can feel like the end of the world.  I had one such experience last week coming back from Keystone, when even chained semis couldn't make it up some of the hills.

Here's a guy who could tell us all about that, & he's lucky he's alive to it.  It happened in Utah, where he was driving a snowplow, when he got clipped by an 18-wheeler and fell down a 300-foot cliff!  They say he survived only because he was wearing his seatbelt.

Something else crazy is they got the whole thing on camera, so see that below if you dare.  I know more than one person who just plain boycotts I-70 in the winter from some seriously freaky experiences (Hi, Shelby!,) so man, take your time whenever you head up there, & be safe!

(Credit The Salt Lake Tribune via YouTube)


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